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Our approach

Jane Iredale - Dream Tint tubes of make-upWe are passionate about making you feel and look better

Where possible, Mosaïque uses fully natural/organic products without compromise on efficiency - advanced skincare with active plant ingredients that nourish, regenerate and regulate the skin by boosting collagen and elastin production while textures and aromas lift the spirits - and, where products cannot be totally chemical free (e.g. nail polishes), we select brands who have removed all known damaging substances from their formula.

Invest in your health – care for your body!

Lotion and plant

All of our treatments are undertaken to suit your particular needs and will make you feel refreshed and re-energised.

In today’s busy life-style, taking time to unwind has become essential to keep our health balanced. We owe it to ourselves because pampering our body simply is an investment in our own health as relaxation re-charges our batteries and looking good gives us more confidence and makes us happy!

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My name is Bénédicte – I look forward to welcoming you to Mosaïque!

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