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Body & Specialised Therapy Treatments

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage | 45 min | £35.00

Using nourishing oils, this very relaxing treatment will relieve stress and muscle tightness that usually accumulate in this area.

Full Body Massage | 75 min | £45.00

Designed to relax and relieve the whole body from tension and muscle tightness, using nourishing oils.

Aromatherapy Massage | please add | £5.00

Using an appropriate blend of essential oils to boost relaxation and lift spirits.

Breuss Massage | 30 min | £35.00

Using a special blend of oils particularly nourishing to the inter-vertebral discs, this ultra gentle massage relaxes tight muscles along the spine, releasing energy blockages and promoting a sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation.

It can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a Dorn treatment.

Back, Neck & Shoulder 'Facial' | 90 min | £65.00

Treat your back to the same benefits as your face with this truly relaxing treatment that leaves the skin on your back feeling deeply cleansed, moisturised and revitalised.

Leg Revival | 45 min | £35.00

Pamper heavy legs and tired feet back to life with this special treatment that will leave your legs feeling silky and rejuvenated! Begin with dry skin brushing to boost blood circulation and toxin elimination, continue with a relaxing massage with appropriate essential oils and conclude with the application of a cooling mask followed by a moisturising lotion.

Indian Head Massage | 45 min | £35.00

Performed on the upper back, arms, neck and scalp, this holistic treatment relieves tension and stress in the whole body leaving you relaxed, re-energised and feeling more in control.

Lava Shell Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulder | 45 min | £45.00

Full Body Massage | 90 min | £75.00

Foot Massage | 30 min | £35.00

Ultimate indulgence! A wonderful indulgent treatment resulting in deep muscle relaxation through the heat radiating from smooth warm shells, dissolving stress and tension.

Hopi Ear Candling | 45 min | £35.00

A very relaxing treatment recommended for sinusitis, sinus problems, headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, glue-ear, colds, flu, congestion, stress. The treatment concludes with a facial Massage to help lymphatic drainage. A course of treatments will be more beneficial and is recommended, so take advantage of our great offer! (read more)

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