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photo of Benedicte PullenMy name is Bénédicte – I was born in Geneva (Switzerland) where I lived with my family until I met my English husband 21 years ago and moved over to the UK. After a long time without children, we were suddenly blessed with the surprise arrival of our son, now nearly twelve – that kept me busy for a while and still does, of course !

Ten years ago, the medical condition of one of my stepsons revived an interest in nutrition and holistic therapies. It made me aware of the presence of a lot of unnecessary and harmful chemicals in so many of our processed food and cosmetic products. I began to look for alternatives for my stepson, my family and friends, learnt to read labels and to refuse to buy products laden with unwanted substances, preferring to select those with friendlier ingredients.

When developing Mosaïque, after qualifying as a beauty therapist, I chose to go the natural/organic route. Despite the many temptations in the professional beauty market, I spent (and still do) a lot of time sourcing lines that offer advanced skincare technology and performance, yet are entirely based on plants and active natural ingredients and, where products cannot be totally chemical free (e.g. nail polishes), selecting brands who have removed all known damaging substances from their formulae. The products I use are safe, gentle, effective and truly natural. Because they are concentrated, a little goes a long way, which makes them good value for money.

I sincerely believe it is very important to limit the amount of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, which is why I am so passionate about using the most natural possible products on my clients’ skin and mine.

Being natural does not mean compromising on efficiency and results, quite the contrary!

Before becoming involved in beauty and healthier issues, I liked shopping for clothes in my spare time, adapting them to suit my lifestyle and making a daily effort towards a simple but stylish look. I also realised that I was interested in people’s appearance, always instinctively wanting to advise them on what they were wearing whether when passing them in the street or seeing them on television!

I knew how wearing the right clothes and accessories, with the right hair style and colour, gives one confidence in every aspect of daily life and I wanted to be able to help others feel good about themselves by showing them how a few simple changes could transform their looks and boost their self-confidence. However, my instincts were not enough to enable me to give advice, so I decided to train as an Image consultant with Absolute Image/For All Seasons Training Academy (now The Style Alchemist), an approved IFIC (International Federation of Image Consultants) training centre. I can now give professional advice on the best colours to wear, styles to suit individual body shape and how to maximise your wardrobe and use accessories most effectively.

As a professional holistic beauty therapist and image consultant, I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (www.fht.org.uk) and of the Guild of Beauty Therapists (www.beautyguild.com) as well as a registered affiliated member of The International Federation of Image Consultants (www.tfic.org.uk).

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